People seek counseling for many reasons and those reasons all fall under one umbrella: Relationships.

Counseling goals ultimately lead to a healthier relationship with yourself and/or a healthier relationship with someone else.  With me as your Relationship & Financial Therapist, you can also explore a healthy relationship with your money.  Did you know healthy relationships with yourself, others, and your money are linked to less stress, better healing, healthier behaviors, a greater sense of purpose, and a longer life?

Explore and uncover what's really keeping you from achieving your goals.  There's no blaming or shaming here.  Working with a therapist who's compassionate, open-minded, and encouraging is necessary for healing and moving forward.  You'll learn solution focused skills to use throughout your life.  If you're looking for therapy that will last for several years, I'm not the therapist for you.  I want you to gain skills that you can use on your own. The clients I work with aren't simply meeting their therapy goals, they're transforming their own lives.

There's no problem too big to solve with the right person in your corner.  You don't have to continue carrying around feelings of shame, self-criticism, uncertainty, and loneliness.

You're not too far from a more satisfied and fulfilling life.

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Looking for a little bit more about me?

I grew up in St. Louis and I've been a therapist for several years.  I enjoy witnessing the growth and self confidence  when clients meet and exceed their goals.