We spend a lot of time in our society talking about relationships but one area that we don't talk enough about is finances; particularly our relationship with money--be it a negative relationship or a positive one.  A negative relationship with money impacts many areas of one's life: the way we spend our money, or hold on to it tightly; whether we negotiate for a salary increase or take what is offered, shopping or spending money without our spouse or partner's knowledge, unhealthily engaging in shopping behaviors, or going deeper into debt.  Many of us weren't actually taught how to handle money and how to feel about money.

Financial Therapy Benefits:  Goals and benefits are typically similar to those in Relationship Therapy but there's a focus on your finances

  • Uncovering and Overcoming Past Hurts Around Money

  • Learning and Rewriting Your Money Script

  • Effective Communication with Your Partner About Household Finances

  • Setting and Sticking to Financial Boundaries with Loved Ones

  • Rescuing Your Relationship from Breakup or Divorce

  • Understanding What's Emotionally Holding You Back from Paying Off Debt

  • Confidence In Your Financial Decisions

  • Getting emotional support during bankruptcy

When you have a handle on your finances and feel secure with how you and/or your partner spends money, it increases your confidence, communication, builds a partnership, and leads to overall satisfaction.

As you build a healthy relationship with yourself and others, don't forget to build a healthy relationship with your money and I can help you do that.